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Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising makes generating new traffic quick, easy and affordable.

Each social network has its own advertising agency, and offers services adapted to its platform. The advantage of using these advertising networks lies mainly in the advanced targeting they offer, with a high level of configuration and an easy-to-understand dashboard.
Since the cost of this type of campaign is lower than other advertising platforms, it is essential to focus on targeting and segmentation to increase your chances of conversion, even if it means launching several campaigns at the same time!
In order to carry out your advertising campaigns on social networks, you need to define a marketing strategy and objectives, as well as allocating a budget. Once all this has been determined, you will need to choose the social networks that will best allow you to connect with potential clients. If you opt for several social networks, vary your campaign according to the specific requirements of each one, in addition to  varying the advertising messages; you will have more chances to convert leads!


A.I. allows us target a detailed audience that's ready to purchase, making social media advertising more cost effective.


We can create multiple highly customized audiences and campaigns with a small budget to optimize your results.


While SEA only targets users who are searching for your keywords, SMA can target user's unspoken needs and wants. 


In general, social media ad platforms have growing click-through rates that are higher than other advertising platforms.

Social Media Advertising Starting Package

We'll build a comprehensive set of ads to show across Facebook's advertising partners (Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, etc.) with the goal of creating conversions and sales for your business.

  • Includes all necessary setup of your Facebook Ads access
  • We'll create two ad groups with two unique ads in each group, which will be A/B tested against each other to see which perform the best. We only keep the best two out of four after this testing has been completed.
  • We'll create the graphics and text content for your ads to grab the attention of potential clients
  • Based on information provided by you (mailing lists, market information, customer profile) and our own extensive market research, we'll perform detailed audience targeting to maximize performance.
  • Package starts at $500; this price may increase if you need additional services like extra campaigns.

What Sets invicta Marketing Apart from Other Agencies?


Experts in multiple fields collaborate on your project. 


We won't overcharge you and will send a quote your project.


We'll respond quickly and with friendly service, every time!

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