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Search Engine Advertising

Our Google-certified SEA experts use advanced tools to create intelligent and effective campaigns.

We work with all types of businesses, from starts-up to large organizations, to optimize the performance of their Google Ad campaigns. While many large companies are spending tens of thousands of dollars each month on advertising, it's still possible to achieve impressive results in local SEO and specific keywords relevant to your business.

Our certified Google Ads experts are attuned to your business challenges and committed to providing the fuel you need for sales. Your AdWords campaigns are analyzed and optimized weekly to increase qualified traffic and get the best possible results from your ad spending.


Google’s ad algorithms change multiple times every day; it’s our job to keep ahead of them so you don't have to. 

Broad Reach

There's a reason the response to any query nowadays is to "Google it"; when a user has a search or a question they need answered, Google is the natural first choice. 

Multi-Stage Approach

Didn't manage to 'convert' a potential client the first time? No problem; with remarketing campaigns, you can interact with the same lead again (and make a sale this time).

Google Advertising Starting Package

We'll build a comprehensive set of ads to show across Google's advertising partners (Google, Youtube, etc.) with the goal of creating conversions and sales for your business.

  • Includes all necessary setup of your Google Ads access
  • We'll create four unique ads designed to convert leads to sales for your business, monitoring and optimizing them constantly to ensure they're performing as expected.
  • We'll create the graphics and text content for your ads to grab the attention of potential clients
  • Based on information provided by you (mailing lists, market information, customer profile) and our own extensive market research, we'll perform detailed audience targeting to maximize performance.
  • Package starts at $500; this price may increase if you need additional services like extra campaigns.

What Sets invicta Marketing Apart from Other Agencies?


Experts in multiple fields collaborate on your project. 


We won't overcharge you and will send a quote your project.


We'll respond quickly and with friendly service, every time!

Request a Quote for Your SEA Services Now...

Ready to get started? Simply contact us and outline the scope of your project. We'll generate an exact quote for you at no cost. We guarantee high-quality work at a fair price, which is why most of our new clients are referred by existing ones who had a great experience.

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